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Stefan Rinck

1973, DE

Rabbiator (Hellboy Gaultier)

520 x 175 x 150 cm

The sculptor Stefan Rinck invents the remains of an imaginary world. His works cut from raw stone draw on existing motifs from various fields and periods, both archaic and contemporary. While developing his very personal form of syncretism, the artist remains faithful to traditional techniques. He practices direct carving, that is, without using a real-life model whose measurements are transposed onto the stone.
With its elongated form and frontal presentation, Rabbiator (Hellboy Gaultier) resembles a large column capital, or a guardian marking the threshold of a sacred space. While the stylised rabbit points to popular culture – comic strips, video games, cartoons… – its overall appearance falls within the tradition of ornamental church sculpture. The slightly ludicrous animal thus acquires an almost sacred aura.

Stefan Rinck was born in 1973 in Homburg/Saar, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin.

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