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Eric Schumacher

1985, LU

Relief Structures

Jesmonite, steel
6 elements, 240 x 120 cm each

Eric Schumacher revisits the codes of Minimal sculpture (simple forms, raw materials, abstract compositions) by reusing manufactured objects, industrial materials and scrap objects. By mixing genres and techniques, he highlights the paradoxical nature of consumer society, caught between the ideal of modern comfort and unsustainable shopping habits.
His work Relief Structures is a response to the particular status of Espace Mercure, both a shopping centre and a place of transit. Disseminated in the galleries, this series of sculptures in billboard format integrates with the existing architecture. The text fragments on the concrete-like structures are evocative of mass marketing, laying bare the gap between the warm, familiar and emphatic tone of advertising, and the more austere reality of throwaway society.

Eric Schumacher was born in 1985 in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. He lives between Edinburgh and Luxembourg.

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