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Bernar Venet

1941, FR

11 Uneven Acute Angles

Corten steel
H: 550 cm | Square section: 23 cm

The work of Bernar Venet explores and subverts the fundamental characteristics of sculpture. His sculptures, often monumental in scale and composed of modular metal elements, are based on geometric shapes, but while adhering to the mathematical principles they illustrate, the artist always seeks to leave room for chance and personal intuition.
In 11 Uneven Acute Angles, an assemblage of bronze rods seems to sprout from the ground. Appearing simultaneously as lines traced in the landscape and monumental masses, they have been arranged randomly so as to form an overall sculptural volume. The freestanding composition allows the surrounding elements to be seen and enters into a dialogue with its environment.

Bernar Venet was born in 1941 in Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban, France. He lives and works between New York and Le Muy, in the south of France, where he created the Venet Foundation in 2014.

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