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Jeppe Hein

1974, DK

Modified Social Bench #14

Powder-coated aluminium
137 x 202 x 44 cm

The works created by Jeppe Hein are hardly ever pure objects of contemplation. In most cases, they must be used, experienced or activated in some way to be truly appreciated. The Danish artist creates unexpected and continually changing situations at the intersection of art, design and architecture.
In his series of Modified Social Benches, he redraws the basic modules of a street bench using a new repertoire of varied shapes: curved lines, unusual colours, exaggerated dimensions, unexpected ergonomics… His intervention leaves viewers in doubt: should they look at the bench, or sit on it to look at something else? Presenting us with an object whose essential function is to provide rest and contemplation, the artist draws us into an active process that challenges us to find the most suitable and comfortable position.

Jeppe Hein was born in 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He lives and works in Berlin.

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