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Vera Kox

1984, DE

… into the peripheral, reflecting

Spray-painted steel, enamelled ceramic
Steel beam: 900 cm | Ceramic sculpture: 97 x 67 x 160 cm

The work of Vera Kox seeks to reconsider the essential nature of sculpture. In her artistic practice, the classic conception of a public monument – a solid, vertical statue standing on a pedestal – makes way for seemingly soft materials, horizontal compositions and found objects or situations whose meaning she changes.
Kox’s recent works resonate conceptually with the idea of Symbiocene, according to which humanity must enter a new era where its impact on nature is greatly reduced. In the installation … into the peripheral, reflecting, a series of ceramic shapes on a steel beam form the outlines of a fantastical creature, a mutant Narcissus looking at his reflection in the water. This being encourages us to reflect on what will remain when humanity has disappeared and to wonder which kind of species might appear on the planet it will leave behind.

Vera Kox was born in 1984 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. She lives and works between Berlin and Luxembourg.

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