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Valentin Carron

1977, CH

Adult and Dog

Welded and painted cast aluminium
175 x 50,8 x 50,8 cm

Based on the idea that the history of art is a succession of references across the ages and forms that freely circulate among artists from different eras, Valentin Carron has developed a practice that uses citation as one of its main incentives. His sculptures, paintings and installations draw on a wide array of sources from art, crafts and popular cultures, notably from the Swiss Valais region, where the artist has lived and worked his entire life.
The two protagonists that make up the sculpture Adult and Dog, a walking man and his dog, are sketch-like figures to which the artist has merely added the eyes. This spontaneous gesture suggests an intimate motif – a self-portrait of the artist with his most faithful companion – while summoning a sculptural tradition originating in ancient Greek statuary.

Valentin Carron was born in 1977 in Martigny, Switzerland, where he lives and works.

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