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Christoph Meier

1980, AT


Mirrors, aluminium, fluorescent tubes, electricity
1320 x 240 cm

While Christoph Meier’s sculptures and installations sometimes take on monumental dimensions, they are always the result of small, unspectacular gestures. His pared-down formal vocabulary continues the theoretical and formal heritage of minimalism: abstraction, sculpture reduced to its basic principles, use of manufactured materials.
His intervention in the bar of the Ariston extends this research by entering into a dialogue with the recent redevelopment of the building into a theatre. Meier has reshaped the space to turn it into a point where the building’s two separate lives meet. The neon onomatopoeias lighting up in a random sequence recall the sound and special effects of American soap operas, while the long mirror replicates the activity in the bar as though on a stage or a screen.

Christophe Meier was born in 1980 in Vienna, Austria, where he lives and works.

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