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Wennig & Daubach

1972, LU | 1969, LU

Belle Haleine

Lacquered steel, workshop stove, smoke machine
480 x 280 x 240 cm

The artist duo Wennig & Daubach creates site-specific works characterised by a playful or humorous approach to the context in which they appear. Appropriating the codes of advertising and graphic design, their works divert the functionality of everyday objects to question our relationship to the built environment as well as history and its traces in the urban landscape.
The project for the Bridderhaus in Esch-sur-Alzette was born from the intention to provide this new artist residency space with a distinctive signage, in line with the visual identity of the building. As its title suggests, Belle Haleine is in fact a kinetic sculpture whose central column spews out white smoke at regular intervals in a nod to the industrial past of the city, while summoning the essential component of every artist’s studio, the stove.

Charles Wennig was born in 1972 in Luxembourg, where he lives and works.
Laurent Daubach was born in 1969 in Luxembourg, where he lives and works.
The two artists have been collaborating as a duo since the early 2000s.

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