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Roland Quetsch

1979, LU

HC-1 (Der T(raum) des transnational sozialen Raums)

Concrete, sand, stone, plastic, steel, wood, paint
300 x 600 x 200 cm

The art of Roland Quetsch is firmly rooted in painting, whose material and conceptual limits it continually explores. His paintings, whose constructed nature is a recurring feature, are assembled from materials commonly associated with building techniques: pallets, slats, plasterboard, but also epoxy or fiberglass.
The monumental sculpture shown here consists of a section of wall rising over two floors. While the lower part of the structure has been completed, the upper section still carries the wooden formwork used for concrete casting. The image of a stopped building site, whose arrangement reflects the modular structure of the artist’s paintings, is a tribute to the immigrant workers who literally built the country, often at the cost of their own dreams and projects. As the title of the work suggests, the promise of a ‘transnational social space’ remains a ‘dream’.

Roland Quetsch was born in 1979 in Luxembourg. He lives and works in Luxembourg.

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