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Bertrand Ney

1955, FR


Corten steel, aluminium
895 x 338 x 218 cm

Working in various media including sculpture, painting and drawing, Bertrand Ney is the author of several monumental sculptural works in public spaces. His artistic research, which is firmly rooted in the language of abstraction, focuses on the relationships between materials and textures, but also on the tensions between volumes and empty spaces within the work itself.
His work entitled Phoenix won the Prix de la sculpture d’Esch-sur-Alzette in 2019. A steel and aluminium sculpture conceived for an urban context, it is inspired by the city’s history and geography, specifically its industrial past, which is directly reflected in the choice of materials. By summoning the legendary creature rising from the ashes, the artist highlights the city’s dynamic present through a sculpture that appears itself in a state of flux.

Bertrand Ney was born in 1955 in Rodemack, France. He lives and works in Luxembourg.

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